Sunday, 13 October 2013

Shut the Front Door!!!!!

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!! Oh my goodness gracious me!  It has been a while hasn't it?!?  I started to reminisce about the days when I used to write a blog and how much I enjoyed it.  So I decided to brush the cobwebs off the old blog and try to recapture what I used to love to do.

Now if you have followed my blog previously (roughly a hundred and twenty six years ago) you will remember that I was at university getting my degree in Education.  So let me update you:

  • Still completely obsessed with nail polish
  • Received a First Class Honours Degree in Education (I know right?!?!)
  • Still absolutely adore nail polish!
  • Trained for my teacher's qualification (aka the hardest year of my life!!)
  • Completely obsessed with nail polish and make up!
  • Qualified as a teacher in 2012
  • Got a job as a Year 4 teacher (8-9 year olds)
  • Totally love nail polish and change it roughly 2-3 times a week
  • Am in my second year of teaching - totally loving it - and now teaching Year 1 (5-6 year olds:  aka little snot monsters!!)
  • Absolutely obsessed with nail polish, make up and my Filofax.
Am totally thrilled to start my little blog up again and really hope you enjoy the journey with me.  I really hope to start posting videos of nail tutorials too.

My nail polish collection has grown.  Those little monkeys just seem to magically reproduce! I don't know how my collection has got so big!  I think I have about 500 polishes now .... Yowzer that's a lot.

I will tell you that I have become more of a connoisseur for nail polish and have a refined taste in the polishes I purchase ....... NOT!! I love all nail polishes left, right and centred! If it's a gorgeous colour I will buy it. I tell you what I want to do more of and that's:

1.  Follow the seasonal trend and be up to date on what is hot.
2. Start reviewing all 'beautifying' items that I purchase.
3.  Create more list posts ie:  Best facial wipes, best nail polish remover, top ten fave nail colours of the season, best dog grooming products (ok I lied about the last one! unless you are really interested in what I use to wash my dog?!)
4.  I also would like to share lifestyle tips as well.  My job is extremely stressful at times and I would like to share some of the things I do to create some "me" time.

I hope this all sounds good and you will participate.  I have sooooooo much to share with you.

Calm down Jodes! I hear you say.  One of things I would like to share with you is my top ten nail polishes of all time.  I might even do it as a video - I am a little scared of YouTube but will certainly give it my best shot.

Anyway, I am so glad to be back and will bring you lots of goodies tomorrow.

Love you all


Me meeting Henry Winkler after I qualified as a teacher - nicest man ever!  I know, I know this picture is totally random and it's not a picture of my nails but I do remember rockin' an 'acid-wash jeans' manicure ..... which I do not have photos of .... Good start Jodes!!  However, I am currently wearing OPI Peace Love and OPI at the mo.  I am about to change my manicure so please excuse the tipwear.  This has been on for 6 days - but my hands are constantly in water.  Did I mention I work with 30 5-year olds?!? Thank God for Purell is all I can say!  I love the oils slick look that is on trend this season.  Having said that the polish always looks better in the bottle than on the nail.  I'm not saying that it doesn't look good, I just mean the 'oil slickness' does not transfer well on to the nail.  The polish shifts from a gun metal grey with flashes of pink to a green and blue in some lights.  Application is fabulous and I used two coats (I am a two coater girl so most of my manis are two coaters)

No Flash

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