Tuesday, 27 October 2009

I Can't Believe it's 'Butter' !

I am so sorry for not updating yesterday.  Had rehearsals again and I need to learn my lines!

So yesterday the good old faithful wonderbra worked!  I bought myself two new polishes!!  Both from Butter London.
I am a fan of Butter London but they are at the top end of the price range scale so they are a rare treat (looks like my boobs haven't lost it!!!)
I spent a while choosing my colours as I probably won't buy Butter London again now for a while...... well not until Saturday!!  The colours they have are fabulous and I want them all but I decided on 'Muggins' (left) and 'Thames' (right).  I do love the name of these polishes as they are focussed around London and being a London-gal, of course I'm a big fan!  Thames, which is the teal one, is a strange name for this beautiful colour.  Last time I checked the Thames was a murky, dirty, muddy colour and not the colour of the sea in paradise!  However, I love love love this colour.  It is a shimmery teal which goes on like a dream.  I only needed two coats for this application.

This was outside with no flash.  It looks a little creamy but it isn't.

This was outside with flash.
I apologise for the bad pix but our weather is pretty yuk at the mo.  No gorgeous autumn days for us anymore.  We are straight into winter!
Next is 'Muggins'.  I made such a good choice!  For those who don't know, when you use the word muggins you are describing yourself as being a bit silly or gullible.  For example: "He told me that I needed to spend all that money on replacing all my windows and old muggins here fell for it!"  Does that make sense?  And here ends your lesson on London Lingo!
Anyway I digress..... back to the polish.  This one took three coats to get good coverage.  It is a gorgeous lavender creme.  It is slightly different to OPIs Done Out In Deco as Muggins does not have any red tones in it.  It's more of a dusky purple.  Again my pix do not do it justice.

Top: Outside with flash
Bottom: Outside no flash

So those are the newest additions to my polish family!  As soon as this month is over I will be out there picking up all the ones I have had my eye on!



Mighty Lambchop said...

I love the colors from Butter so much! I haven't yet been able to try them. I will have to look for them when I go to Seattle to visit my girlfriend.

Jodes said...

The colours are so pretty. I really had a hard time choosing just 2!!!!