Friday, 30 October 2009

My Halloween Nails

I was throwing some ideas around as to what to do for my Halloween nail design.  Do I do all black?  Or should I do a vampy red?  Or what about "bloody nails" or how about white with some black bat designs.... oh the decisions to make!  So I thought about my costume.  I am going as a Morticia/ Vampy princess type lady with a dress that has fabulous long sleeves.  I also have a purple wig (which, I have to say I want to wear all the time... or at least dye my hair that colour!)  I'm going to do heavy eye make up and wear black tights with purple sparkly spider webs!  So my nails?  Well I've tried this combination of China Glaze's Liquid Leather with Nfu Oh's no. 60 on top.  The light catches the red in the flakies which  look amazing.  I apologise about the pix but I have been preparing the party all day and have had no time for my nails.  I have had to do these at night!   I might try Liquid Leather with Nfu Oh's 52 (aka Distraction) since my dress has green in it.  We'll see if I have time tomorrow before the party!
(No flash)

I don't know why but I'm feeling a little under the weather tonight.  My hubby has been working hard the past few days (obviously trying to fund my polish habit!) and he doesn't get home until 10 tonight.  He's working all day tomorrow until 7 and then all day Sunday.  I feel quite lonely at the mo.  I know that sounds really sappy... I apologise.  I don't feel under the weather because he's working but he's usually so good of making me feel better and he hasn't been here to do that.   I love that I have my blog and, although I'm new, I have felt very welcomed into this community.... so thank you all.x   Anyway sorry for waffling, I just needed to get that off my chest!  I'll feel better tomorrow xx


nirfreak03 said...

aw :( *hugs*
i know how you feel
hope you feel better soon :)

Jodes said...

Thank you x I'm getting there!