Wednesday, 14 October 2009

"Up" Inspired Manicure!

Disney Pixar have done it again!  As you may or may not know I am a Disney Nut.  In fact me, my husband and my daughter are all dotty about Disney.  We love the films, the characters, the programmes, the music and most importantly, the parks.  We always go and see the latest Disney film and "Up" is no exception.  Five months after its release in the States, "Up" is finally released here in the UK.  What I love about Disney Pixar is that they come up with fresh and creative stories.  Think "Cars", "Monsters Inc.", "Ratatouille", "Wall-E" .... well you get the picture!  All these stories are original and are told in a unique way.  "Up" tells the story of a man who has dreamed of adventure all of his life.  Sadly, life gets in the way and he finds that he has left it too late to embark on his dream ..... or has he?  Through determination he sets out on his "once-in-a-lifetime" adventure and comes across many obstacles on the way.  Once on his journey he comes across an "accidental stowaway" in the form of a young Wildlife Explorer named Russell.  The relationship that develops between these two characters is not only endearing but also emotional as they form a very special bond.  Disney Pixar portray this relationship between the young boy and old man as one with sensitivity, dignity and respect.  Who would of thought that an animated hero could come in the form of a seventy-eight year old man?  I can't forget to mention the talking dogs!  Doug the Dog is a wonderful addition to the story and you immediately fall in love with his innocence and loyalty.  I won't ruin it for you if you haven't seen it but all the dogs talk through the wonders of technology!  Don't worry I won't give anything away.  All I will say is that who ever came up with the voice for the evil doberman is an absolute genius.... I have never laughed so loud in my life!  A brilliant concept and a fantastic film based around a simple yet clever story.  I have heard some reviews that have said that Disney 3D Digital dims the bright colours of the animation and I'm sure it does, but, honestly, I didn't notice it at all.   I loved it!
I was so inspired by this film and love the balloons which feature in the film as well as all the posters.  The colours are just beautiful so I wanted to do some nail art for it and I came up with the idea below.  It was all going so well until I put some top coat on to seal it and it all shmoooshed together!  Oh well, I still think it looks pretty!!  x