Saturday, 31 October 2009

Last Halloween Nails

I changed my mind about my Halloween nails.  I loved the red flakies but I really fancied something more green.  So I did exactly the same (China Glaze - Liquid Leather) but this time I put Nfu Oh No. 52 (aka Distraction) over the top.  This created a wonderful 'sea-serpent' green.  Every so often the light caught the green flakies which looked absolutely stunning! (yes I am holding a cuddly bat!)
That's it now! No more Halloween nails until next year.  Boooooo!
And just so he doesn't feel left out..... this is Arthur the Spider.....

I hope you all had a fab Halloween.


Evil Angel said...

Love the mani, flakies are awesome!
I want Arthur, he's sooooooo cute!

Jodes said...

Thank you. I love Arthur too. Unfortunately he doesn't belong to me. A friend loaned him to me to sit in a large spider-web. He has to go home today : ( Or I could say that one of my cats has ran off with him!!