Thursday, 22 October 2009

NOTD - Zoya "Ki"

Is it a dusky purple shimmer?  Is it an olive green?  Is it grey?   No it's Zoya's "Ki".  This polish was in my latest haul and I couldn't wait to put it on (Yes that meant taking "Distraction" off!!) And Wow! this polish has a bad case of Jekyll and Hyde going on! A gorgeous duochrome where one minute I look at it and think it's a purple next I think it's a green then I think it's grey!  Fab!  Application was smooth and even which made it a really nice and silky formula to work with.  I did need three coats to get complete opacity which meant I had to sit still and not use my hands for a couple of hours!!  I had to get my husband to make me tea all night!  What a shame.  No wonder he hates it when I do my nails!  (Yes I have heard of quick dry top coat but he hasn't so shhhhhh!!!!!!)


Mighty Lambchop said...

I love this. I don't know why I haven't purchased it but I must!

Jodes said...

It is a little bit special isn't it?!