Sunday, 25 October 2009

Most Haunted Live - 2009: First Report

This is the first review of Most Haunted Live Halloween 2009

If you're not familiar with Most Haunted it's a show in the UK where a team investigate haunted locations ... a bit like TAPS I guess. However, all the team get involved, from the camera man to the sound man to the make up artist. It's a great show and the team start to feel like members of your own family. I've been watching it since it first started, I think it was 2000 or 2001 (Please correct me if I'm wrong ... I really can't remember!!!). Every so often the Most Haunted team do a live show. Some nights nothing happens but then other times there are incidences that occur which really have no explanation. Love it! So here's the first night review.

Morecambe Winter Gardens

After introductions, the Most Haunted team started off with a seance in front of a large audience. Yvette then walked around the theatre with a psychic. All the way through people were reporting the sound of whispers and whistling but no one could confirm who or what it was. This is difficult to draw any conclusion from as the theatre was filled with people so noise is inevitable. Yvette and the psychic reached the balcony area of the theatre. The psychic explained that there was a gentleman figure up there who used to work in the theatre but had an alcohol problem. Quite a number of people reported the smell of alcohol in a particular area. As they were talking one member of the audience reported that her throat had gone tight and her heart was beating rapidly. Yvette asked her if she wanted to go out to get some water and helped her out of her row. The audience member then passed out. Of course, it is hard to say if it was paranormal activity. The audience member could have been coming down with an illness or it could have just been all the excitement proving to be too much. Who knows!

There was an incident where Yvette opened a door and a gust of wind pushed the door which subsequently slammed shut. It had been confirmed by the crew that the weather conditions outside were pretty poor and that it was extremely windy outside. However, I can't help but wonder if wind can cause a suction and make the door slam? At the end of the show the team did a ouija board and a few of the team reported on feeling unwell. Keiran O'Keefe (the parapsychologist) confirmed that there was a infra-sound in that particular spot. Once someone came out of that area they felt better.

Anyway it was a pretty quiet evening considering the many other incidences the team have encountered in the past. I'm sure it will get even more spooky as the nights go on!

The clip below shows the end of the show where Kieran O'Keefe (the parapsychologist) and Karl (the producer) discuss what has occurred during the investigation. At the end, highlights of the investigation are shown.