Thursday, 12 November 2009


I ordered these three little polishes from the Eyeko website ages ago and forgot I had them! I am terrible!  They came as a set and cost £6 (including postage and packaging).  They are Lilac Polish, Cosmic Polish and Indigo Polish. I have to say that I am more excited about the Cosmic Polish.  It's a black shimmer with coloured glitter!  I do look for polishes that are a bit different and this one certainly looks like it does the trick.  Well all in all I was pleasantly surprised by these polishes.  They were really smooth to apply and had a lovely shiny finish. I took these outside with and without flash except for the Cosmic Polish where I photographed it inside as well because I couldn't capture the beautiful coloured glitter.
Cosmic Polish is a black polish with coloured glitter.  Indigo is a deep blue with a subtle shimmer which makes it glow from inside and the Lilac Polish is a gorgeous creme with red undertones.

Cosmic Polish is so pretty especially when it catches the (artificial!) light.
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gildedangel said...

Those look so pretty!

Jodes said...

They are and their bottles are quite cute too. The formula of these are fantastic.

Kirsten said...

Those look great! I didn't really care for their pastels but these look beautiful.