Sunday, 8 November 2009

MAC Baby Goth Girl

I am so sorry for not posting, I had a manic day yesterday.  I took my Brownie pack to Legoland yesterday and now I am completely shattered. Anyway I have bought some new polishes recently so I will find some time to swatch my new babies!  So first up is MAC's Baby Goth Girl.  I was so surprised to find it as I had been having some trouble tracking it down.  Of course I purchased it immediately.  This is a beautiful dark, vampy winey colour (Gee I am so technical!) It also has some glitter in it as well.

(Outside no flash)
I do love these colours but I especially love the glitter in it.  I've had BGG on for 2 days now and I can tell you that I am fade and chip free.  However, I will be taking it off now to do another swatch!

 With Flash
Anyway I hope you are all well. I do enjoy reading all your posts.


Jessica said...

You're very brave, Brownies like the girl scout thing? To Legoland...whew youve got more patience than I do and nerves.

BGG looks lovely on you!

gildedangel said...

Brownies can be exhausting! I would know, I did a 5 day Day Camp at the zoo with a big group of them! I used to be a GS myself!

Jodes said...

Jessica - I think Brownies are the same as Girl Scouts. It's all part of the Girlguiding family. I don't think I'm brave just extremely insane!!! All I kept thinking was that I had some wine waiting for me at home!

Gildedangel - Yes I am exhausted. In fact I have lost my voice! I need a vacation!


Anonymous said...

nice, i just made tons of fresh emo backgrounds 4 my blog

NY*NAIL*DIVA said...