Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice!

The gorgeous and wonderful and super-lovely Kelliegonzo tagged me this award.  Thank you so much sweetie! x  I think I have to list 10 ambitions of mine.  OK here goes:
1.  I would love to write and publish a novel.
2.  I want to have dinner with Colin Firth!
3.  I would love to live in America.
4. I want to travel around Europe on the Orient Express
5.  Visit the Caribbean and sit on a beach looking out to the sea, all by myself.
6.  Learn Italian
7.  I want to own my own tea room in a pretty village in Devon
8.  Figure skate like a pro!
9.  Sky Dive
10.  Be in a West End Musical

Phew !  My brain hurts!!!

I am tagging -
Evil Angel
Nihrida's Blog
Glammed Up



nihrida said...

Oh, we have something in common. I'd also like to travel around Europe and learn italian. :) And that tea room sounds great! Thanks for giving me the award! :*

S said...

The first thing in your list would be the first one in mine too. I just think I won't ever again have the patience to write something long enough to be a novel and edit it. Writing is okay but I hate editing my own text :D

Jodes said...

Nihrida - Your welcome ; )
I would love to see more of Europe. I went to Venice last year and loved it and loved the language. In fact a lot of different languages sound beautiful. x

S - Patience is my little demon as well! I want things done NOW!!!