Saturday, 21 November 2009

The First Time

Hello my sweeties!  I am so sorry for not posting.  I am so behind on all my swatching.  My play is all next week (ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!) and we have all been busy building the set and rehearsing.  I am so pooped I can't tell you!  Anyway I have been wearing OPI's "You're a Doll" which I bought after seeing it on Katie's blog over at What Katie Did Her Polish (Thanks Katie!).  I haven't worn a "subtle" polish in such a long time.  It is so pretty and I absolutely love it.  Please do go and see what it looks like over at Katie's blog (see my blogroll).  I love the creamy colour with the tiny red flecks in it.  I call it my secret polish!  I feel like people see it as a neutral colour but I know that it has this little secret!  OPI's "You're a Doll" has now become a new favourite.  I love it. I can't describe how it makes me feel.  Yes I can ..... it makes me feel like I have just discovered nail polish for the first time.

So I've been thinking.  I want to know that last time a polish has made you feel like that.  Do you remember when you discovered nail polish?   Every so often I find a polish that replenishes that wonderful feeling.  OPIs "You're a Doll" has totally recaptured that for me.  So, what polish has made you "recapture that old feeling"?!


Unknown said...

Liquid Euphoria - Bliss ! This one rekindled my love of polish and is my special occasion color!

Kirsten (The Dutch Nail Blog) said...

Dorothy Who?
I have collected polish before but somehow I stopped and even threw/gave away most of my polishes.
Then last year I was doing a Google search for something random and I stumbled upon a pic of Dorothy Who (old collection) on the nailphile and I fell in love again.
And now I own at least 200 polishes and I don't plan on stopping or throwing any of it away ever again!

Paige said...

Ruby Pumps for me, it made me feel like discovering nail polish all over again.

Jodes said...

Evilangel - I saw that one on your blog and absolutely loved that one. Really pretty. I can see why it rekindled the love!

Kirsten - I used to throw my polishes away too. I used to be a nail technician but had to give it up because of money and sold a lot of my stuff on ebay - one of my biggest regrets now! I had so many Orly and OPI products. I try not to think about it too much. It hurts!

gildedangel - I can see why. That one is really special. I am so glad I have that one in my collection.

I love that feeling though when, despite how long you have loved polish and been collecting them, you find a polish that resparks that old flame!

Pink Ginger said...

First off,this colour looks lovely on you :)
The polish that rekindled my love for lacquer was my very favourite OPI La Boheme.I was looking online for a place to buy it when I stumbled on my first nail polish blog! Not only did I find it on ebay for a reasonable price,I found an entire network of polish addicts.I've been (re)hooked ever since.

Jodes said...

Hi Pinkginger. Thanks for your comments. I think you saw Katie's swatch over at What Katie Did Her Nails. That's not me. My application is nowhere near as perfect as Katie's! I love OPI's La Boheme it's such a beautiful colour. It is an addiction this polish collecting isn't it?! I mean, I am always looking for that perfect polish to re-ignite that fabulous feeling!
Thanks for commenting x

Pink Ginger said...

Oops! That's what I get for commenting @ 7 in the morning before coffee :)