Wednesday, 25 November 2009

The Final Set!

Isn't it fabulous!  The house is based on a 16th Century cottage.  We were able to get on the stage and rehearse properly for the first time last night!  However, it is a lot smaller then we are used to and I have ended up with bruises everywhere and a twisted ankle!  If you look upstairs to the right, you'll see that it goes off to the "attic" which is actually a fabulous little cubby hole which I camp out in for about 10 minutes.  So I have put some stuff in my cubby hole such as a magazine, my make up, hand cream (of course!) and a can of gin and tonic!  It's a little bit naughty but hey with all the running around I have to do up and down the stairs (in heels no less!) I deserve a little drinky-poo to keep me going!  It's our first performance in front of an audience tonight.  It's what we call an open rehearsal.  We invite old age pensioners to come and see us for free.  It's like a warm up before the real thing!  Anyway we were rehearsing until midnight last night so I am pretty pooped today.
I am sorry for the lack of nail pix but I do have a mani that I will post later.
Lots of love