Friday, 13 November 2009

I am standing up for women everywhere!

It's official ... housework IS bad for your health! I always suspected it but now I can confirm it.  So there I was putting some laundry in the washing machine when all of a sudden I caught my thumb (and nail) on the latch.  I heard one of those blood curdling snaps that we all dread to hear, and when I looked down I saw this!  I screamed "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" which could be heard from miles around.  I felt faint and sick to my stomache ..... and there it is.  Housework caused me to break a nail and subsequently made me feel unwell and, voila! Housework is bad for your health!  So women everywhere it's time to put our nails/health first! Put down that iron, store that vacuum cleaner away, throw that duster in the bin ... it's not worth the stress and destruction it causes our nails and, of course, our health.  I have also realised that men don't really care for nails, therefore THEY should do ALL the housework!  My hubby will pitch in but I think I need to take care of myself so he should just take over all the housework for the sake of my nails/health!
Right I'm off to my therapist (my beauty therapist) to fix my nail.  And as God as my witness, I shall never do housework again!


Evil Angel said...

See hun that's exactly why my husband does the laundry, dishes, vaccuming and any other chore that could cause me to 1- Break a nail or 2- lose an ounce of weight! LOL

Jodes said...

Evil Angel - I now know! Rookie mistake. For now on my hubby is in charge of all the chores. And I am in charge of making sure he does them all!

gildedangel said...

Wow Evil Angel, it sounds like you have trained him well!
I hope that your nail break doesn't hurt too much, I hate breaking my nails too!

ainos2 said...

Lol! Ladies- you are finally learning!
My husband does *all* of the house-work. Considering the fact that I bore his 2 children, it's the least he can do. He is an amazing man! Last year, he broke his ankle and you should have seen the way he pushed our vac around- cast and all!

Anonymous said...

bless you, it is time SOMEONE said it. I've been on strike all week for fear of breaking a nail.

Jessica said...

Im sorry your nail broke, I hope it heals quickly!

You ladies are so funny, I can hope to have a man that good!

Jodes said...

Thank you all for your comments! My nail is fixed! I have 9 real nails and 1 gel one now! oh well they look pretty again!
Lisa - that's a point. I did go through labour (without any pain killers) so that I could give birth to our daughter!

Jessica - Thank you sweetie. My nail healed in about 5 mins! (see above!!)

Gilded Angel - The only thing that hurt was my heart! I mean I spend ages looking after my nails and this is how it goes and repays me!!!

Ange-Marie - I know! No longer shall we have to put up with men laughing at us when we tell them that we have broken a nail. We wouldn't laugh if they broke their car/xbox/wii/motorbike etc.!!!!!!

Liz said...

:( Same thing happened to me this week. One broke down IN the nail bed. I am so getting on the "no more housework" band wagon!!

Jodes said...

Women United Against Housework!!!

That's what we should call ourselves!!!

Our Protect Our Really Nice Nails - or PORNN for short ....... maybe not!!