Thursday, 12 November 2009

MAC - $$$$$ Yes


When I bought Lucky Number (left) I also picked up Baby Goth Girl (right - which I have already swatched) and $$$$$ Yes (middle).  This polish is a very pretty silver but, just like it's sister, it's extremely difficult to apply.  I love this so much but I would love it more if it were easier to use.  This little monkey is tricky!  I had to let the first layer dry first before putting the second layer on.  If you're not careful you could get brush drag on your nail which is a pain.  I've done my best with this one.  Plus, do you know who does not like this polish?  Seche Vite that's who!  I put a layer of SV on and it made my polish bubble!!! Can you believe it?!?! Our very own Seche Vite - our miracle product who gets rid of all the bubbles - bubbled $$$$$ Yes!  When you get this application right, it does look fab but unfortunately it picks up all my flaws.

(Top two: No flash
Bottom: with flash)


gildedangel said...

I can't believe that it bubbled! It is a pretty color though.

Jodes said...

I know ! Maybe Seche Vite and $$$$$ Yes have a history that we don't know about! But they did not like each other!
It's a lovely colour but I wish that it wasn't such a pain to work with.